IOMW Conference Program

Attached below are files ("IOMW_program-at-a-glance") of the IOMW Conference Program in three formats which you can download by clicking the down arrow to the right.  The .htm file will open the program in your web browser and is slightly easier to navigate than the .pdf.  The original Excel file is also attached.  This is the final version of the program.  If you run into problems downloading it, please contact us ( and we'll email it to you.  The program doesn't list all paper authors, just presenters.

Where to Go
Go to Mount Vernon United Methodist Church (900 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC  20001).
As your looking at the handsome stone front, you will see a glass annex building to the right.  Go through the doors and down the stairs to register.

For details about how to prepare for workshops, go to Pre-Conference Presentations, Workshops and Panel.

IOMW will provide drinks and snacks during breaks at 10 am and 3 pm, plus a nice buffet lunch at noon.  However, you're on your own for breakfast.  On Tuesday, after the afternoon session, we will reconvene at a local establishment for drinks and dinner.

Organization of the Program, IOMW 2016, the 18th IOMW
Day 1, April 4, Monday morning, Fellowship Hall:  Software
8:00 am.  Registration for workshops (you can register at the door)
8:30 am.  Presentations on RUMM, Winsteps, Facets, ConQuest
9:30 am.  Break
10:00 am.  Presentations on ERMA, Openbugs, jMetrik, Damon-on-Python
12:00 pm.  Lunch
1:00 pm.  Panel on the Status of Measurement Software
3:00 pm.  Break
3:30 pm.  Workshops on RUMM, WinSteps, Facets, ConQuest
5:00 pm.  End of workshops

Day 2, April 5, Tuesday morning, Fellowship Hall:  Foundational Issues
7:30 am.  Registration
8:15 am.  Introduction to IOMW (Plenary Session)
8:30 am.  Presentations
10 am.  Break
10:30 am.  Presentations (Objectivity and Reliability, Polytomous Models and Anchoring)
12 pm, noon.  Lunch

Day 2, April 5, Tuesday afternoon:  Applications and Modeling
1:30 pm.  Presentations (Analysis of Fit, Testlets and Dimensionality)
3:00 pm.  Break
3:30 pm.  Presentations (Test Construction/Validation, Detection)
5 pm.  End of Presentations

Dinner and Drinks
We will be heading out to dinner at a nearby restaurant after the Tuesday afternoon sessions.  Stay tuned for details.

Day 3, April 6, Wednesday morning:  Conversations Across Disciplines and Traditions
8:30 am.  Presentations (Plenary Session)
10 am.  Break
10:30 am.  Presentations (Mind and Body, Validity Across Disciplines)
12 pm, noon.  Lunch

Day 3, April 6, Wednesday afternoon:  Change Over Time, Place, and Context
1:30 pm.  Presentations (Comparability and Stability, Rating, Growth)
3:00 pm.  Break
3:30 pm.  Presentations (Plenary Session:  Past and Future)
4:30 pm.  Awards, Benjamin Wright memorial, Closing
5 pm.  End of Conference
Mark Moulton,
Mar 29, 2016, 8:50 PM
Mark Moulton,
Mar 29, 2016, 8:50 PM
Mark Moulton,
Mar 29, 2016, 8:50 PM