Presentation Formats, Submitting Proposals

The conference is organized around four themes, each allocated to a morning or afternoon session.  Each session will include presentations in one of the following formats:
  1. Paper Presentation.  A regular 30 minute presentation.
  2. Lightning Talk.  This is a 10 to 15 minute quickie presentation, 10 minutes to present, 5 minutes to take questions while the next presenter gets ready.  Great for framing issues, making a point, getting your work out there in a public snapshot.  
  3. Symposium Panelist.  Here you serve as a member of a panel, providing commentary on presented papers and engaging interactively in questions and answers with the audience.  
IOMW will supply a laptop and projector.  Bringing your presentation on a stick should be sufficient for most purposes.

Submitting Proposals
To submit a proposal, fill out the following form prior to the submission due date, January 15, 2016.  You will be asked for an abstract (less than 250 words) and a longer summary (less than 2000 words).  Make sure to include your title and names of all contributors.  You fill out the same form regardless of the type of presentation you would like to give.  Criteria for acceptance are:
  • Perspective.  What is your theoretical framework?  Is it likely to be interesting and relevant to IOMW attendees?
  • Clarity.  Can we figure out what you're talking about?
  • Support.  How strong is the evidence for your claims?
  • Importance.  Are you saying something significant to the theory and practice of measurement?
All submissions will be reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee in January, results announced by February 15, 2016.

Charts and Tables
The submission form below only accepts text for the abstract and summary.  If your proposal relies on charts and tables, indicate accordingly on the form and do the following:
  • Fill out the proposal form as usual, omitting the charts or tables.
  • At the beginning of the summary, write something like, "This proposal references charts and tables that aren't included here.  These have been emailed separately to you.  My email is".
  • Click on the "Contact" link at the left of this page and email us the document containing the charts and tables.  (Or use your email program.)  Make sure to use a widely used document format like Word or PDF.  Also, please include your last name in the title of the document.  Our email address is:

IOMW 2016 Paper/Presentation Proposal