Call for Papers

Objective Measurement
Measurement has long been an important and prominent concept in the sciences, engineering, and natural philosophy, and is often considered a privileged method for acquiring information about the world. Over the years, the tradition of Rasch measurement has been central to the enactment of objective measurement, particularly in the human sciences.  The IOMW seeks to foster discussion and scholarship on high-quality, rigorous measurement practices in any field. 

We want papers that further these ideals in the field of measurement.  To submit your proposal, fill out the online form on the Presentation Formats, Submitting Proposals page.

Submission Deadline
January 15, 2016
The IOMW is interested in well-written papers and thought-provoking presentations relevant to the theory and practice of objective measurement. Tentatively, we expect that the program will be organized in four sessions centered around the following themes: 
  • Foundations.  The IOMW has longstanding commitments to thinking through the psychometric and philosophical challenges of measurement. As such, we are committed to examining foundational concepts including the validity, reliability, and usability of measures.  We welcome conceptual, theoretical, historical and/or comparative papers that help us to better understand what is at stake in the development, use, and discussion of measures.

  • Applications and Modeling.  This session presents an opportunity to share evolving and ongoing work relevant to the practice of objective measurement, broadly defined.  We invite papers that allow you to share work (including work in progress) and get feedback from colleagues in the IOMW community. Our goal in this session is to keep up to date with the latest advances in the application of objective measurement. 

  • Conversations Across Disciplines and Traditions. Objective measurement is a critical component of scientific inquiry in many areas, including but not limited to the areas of public health, the medical sciences, counseling, the biological sciences, psychology, education, economics, and sociology. This year we are particularly interested in papers in the area of non-cognitive indicators critical for success in college and careers, such as emotional intelligence, connectedness, grit, empowerment, self-efficacy, meaning, socio-emotional learning, and academic mindsets. Our goal in this session is to stimulate cross-disciplinary perspectives on measurement in non-cognitive domains.

  • Change Over Time, Place, and Context.  On the one hand, invariance is a critical concept in objective measurement; on the other hand, measures are often applied to highly dynamic systems (e.g., human beings) that change over time and context. This is particularly visible in contemporary debates about the assessment of learning and "growth". We welcome papers on related topics including but not limited to vertical scaling, measurement invariance (of any form), and longitudinal models.  
Presentation Formats
Presentations will be organized in sessions containing a mix of presentation types:
  • 30-minute paper presentations
  • 10 or 15-minute "lightning talks"
  • Interactive symposia
Publication Opportunities
We were very pleased to publish a number of 2014 papers in Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling (PTAM) and Pensamiento Educativothe Journal of Latin-American Educational Research (PEL).  We are also considering alternatives such as the Online Educational Research Journal.  Our Research and Dissemination Committee will convene in Spring to explore all venues for indexed publication. We invite authors of 2016 papers to consider working with us to bring their work to a wider audience in special guest edited peer-reviewed journals.

In addition, IOMW will continue to post abstracts, papers, and powerpoint presentations on its website so the public will have access to your work for this conference.  Check out the 2014 Archive to read the material that was posted from the last IOMW.
Graduate Student Awards
IOMW and its sponsors are keenly interested in supporting the graduate students in our community.  Awards are available as described on the Graduate Student Awards page. An Awards and Recognition Committee will select and distribute these funds to 2016 awardees at the conference.

The IOMW organizing committee is actively seeking individual and corporate sponsorship of the conference and the graduate student awards program.  Sponsors will be prominently recognized.